Increase and improve your equipment

(avoiding redundant and useless purchases)


  • 4.5 Hz vertical and horizontal geophones (for MASW and ESAC acquisitions): remember that, for active MASW, Rayleigh (the radial component ) and Love waves can be recorded using only horizontal geophones

  • 2Hz vertical geophones (for ESAC and MAAM acquisitions - MAAM is a kind of mini-ESAC implemented in our HoliSurface software application, see the article "Unconventional Optimized Surface Wave Acquisition and Analysis: Comparative Tests in a Perilagoon Area" Dal Moro et al., 2014)

  • 3-component geophones (2Hz eigen frequency) for HVSR and optimized joint acquisition of ESAC and MAAM data (see previous article)


MAAM + HVSR joint acquisition